Roderick Allen

Superintendent of Schools, SD 79 (Cowichan Valley), British Columbia


Rod Allen is currently the Superintendent for School District 79 (Cowichan Valley) and was formerly the Assistant Deputy Minister / Chief Superintendent with the BC Ministry of Education. Rod was the architect of British Columbia’s Education Plan, new curriculum and transformation to personalized learning. Under his leadership, BC became a major contributor to global transformation efforts. Within BC, he set a clear path and high standards for education transformation, ensuring students have the opportunity to explore their passions and take ownership for their learning.

He established, and is currently the Chair of, the Innovation Partnership in BC. Rod is actively involved in the Global Education Leadership Program. Prior to joining government, he was Superintendent for School District 54 (Bulkley Valley).

My Session

Concurrent Session (C8) – Leading Impactful Innovation in Education, in my district, in my schools: an interactive workshop

Frontenac A

An exploration of themes raised in this morning’s plenary: an opportunity to share and learn from each other about what can be done to lead impactful innovation and transform learning, and what the difficulties are.