David Albury

Consultant for Implementing Strategies and Policies for Transformation and Innovation in Education


David Albury is the Director of the Innovation Unit (UK); a Consultant (and formerly 2009-14 Design and Development Director) to the Global Education Leaders’ Program (GELP), an Associate of the Institute of Government and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. For almost two decades, David has consulted and advised on forming and implementing strategies and policies for transformation and innovation in education, early learning, healthcare and other public services.

He has worked with and coached senior politicians and policy-makers, leading managers and professionals in local, national and international organisations. He works and speaks nationally and internationally on creating the conditions for whole system transformation and radical innovation, especially on effective approaches to scaling and diffusion in governments, national agencies, localities and public service organizations. From 2002 to 2005 he was the Principal Adviser in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit where he led a major review of education policy, coordinated advice on health service strategy and co-authored the seminal report on Innovation in the Public Sector.

Prior to his consultancy and adviser work David held senior management positions in higher education and researched, taught and wrote on the linkages between technological innovation, cultural change and organizational and system development.

My Session

Plenary Session – Trends, Trust and Trusteeship in Turbulent Times: Leading Impactful Innovation in Education

Macdonald A/B/C/D

Why is radical innovation necessary, perhaps even vital, in education? What are we trying to achieve in our schools and districts? What do we really want for our children, young people and future generations? How can we best lead radical and impactful innovation? David Albury seeks to answer these questions in this plenary session.


Concurrent Session (C8) – Leading Impactful Innovation in Education, in my district, in my schools: an interactive workshop

Frontenac A

An exploration of themes raised in this morning’s plenary: an opportunity to share and learn from each other about what can be done to lead impactful innovation and transform learning, and what the difficulties are.